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burdened with glorious purpose
burdened with glorious purpose
Leah here.

actress. lesbian. fangirl.

Talk to me, I'm pretty cool.
Nice thought challenge: once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send to your five favourite followers

Aw thank you Jon, I love knowing that I’m one of your favorite followers! :D

1). I believe that I’m a good actress, and those it’s not going to be my career in life I have a passion stronger than a lot of others. 

2) I’m a fantastic video editor, though I need to focus on learning other programs, but I’m proud to say I have 100% mastered every nook and cranny of windows movie maker!

3) Though I can be stubborn as fuck and short tempered, I’m generally a nice person

4) I’m 100% sure of my sexuality, and have never been happier.

5) I have found the best girl in the world to share my life with, it’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had, and I’ve never been happier. <3


marvel’s got movies planned out for the next fourteen years god damn i don’t even know what i’m going to be doing in an hour…


It’s 5:30 in the morning..

otp meme [your very first otp]: jt yorke & liberty van zandt

"You promise you won’t forget me?" "How could I forget the great JT Yorke?"


Hades speaks to me on a spiritual level


The Avengers + sassiness; part II


The 26 Pokeballs that you should know







My friends decided to take a lovely pic for the Westboro Baptist Church. They’re not gay but they support gay rights

This is the most gangsta shit I have ever seen on tumblr

Not even a little bit sorry for posting color to my uncolored blog. This is amazing.

Literally the third time reblogging this, no regrets

Oh my god ahhahahaha

looking at this whilst listening to the song “fuck you” by lily allen. Too perfect of a moment to not rebog